Experience Mastermind

  • STLVentureWorks West County 743 Spirit 40 Park Drive Chesterfield, MO 63005

Please join Prosper Women Entrepreneurs for the unique opportunity to experience our Mastermind Growth Group meetings!

As part of the Mastermind program, women business owners meet with their peer advisory groups to work through challenges specific to their businesses.  Prior to the group meetings, there is a speaker series featuring Prosper Women Entrepreneurs' supporters and friends.   Experience these meetings for yourself to find out if a Prosper Mastermind Growth Group is right for you as we recruit our Winter 2017 cohort.

Event Details:

  • Speaker Series: 6:00-6:30pm, optional
  • What is Mastermind? 6:30-6:50pm
  • Mock Mastermind Groups: 6:50-7:30pm

What is a Mastermind Growth Group (MMGG)? Prosper Women Entrepreneurs will connect you with a peer advisory group of 7-9 female entrepreneurs to provide confidential, objective, quality advice for the specific problems and opportunities you face with your business.  In addition, MMGG members can access a range of benefits, including speakers and service discounts, exclusive to this member group.

What is a peer advisory group? Peer advisory groups are a proven methodology to provide perspective, positive reinforcement, problem solving and a structure of accountability.  Prosper’s unique approach provides the training, support and structure to ensure effectiveness.  The process allows up to 6 members of each forum group to present their business challenge or opportunity every month in a self-facilitated fashion. 

Is a Mastermind Growth Group right for me? 

  • You are a woman entrepreneur committed to growing your business alongside a small, confidential advisory group of peers.
  • You are running your business without a parent company. 
  • You are able to commit to meeting the second Sunday afternoon of each month starting January 2017.