Prosper Startup Accelerator Demo Day

  • Washington University Knight Hall

Please join Prosper Startup Accelerator for our inaugural class Demo Day. This event will give you an opportunity to hear directly from our first cohort of Prosper companies. Each company will formally present to all attendees. Afterwards, we will conclude with a happy hour and networking.

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Please note: The event will not be available until Wednesday, April 15 at 4:00 pm.

Wondermento offers a new way to track your dog's activity and to know what they are up to at all times digitally and through its unique bowtie hardware design.


Smart Monitor
SmartMonitor created SmartWatch®, an intelligent wristwatch that continuously monitors movement, developed for people prone to epilepsy and seizure disorders.


KiteReaders is an award-winning ebooks and app company, making interactive, fun and engaging digital products for children ages 3-8. It's eBooks and apps have-quality content deliver an enhanced reading experience for children and their families, and help young children build critical literacy skills.


HealthyMe offers engagement programs to assist patients in self-managing their chronic disease.  It's goal is to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.  In a recent study, HealthyMe demonstrated high levels of effectiveness in patient engagement -- 80% completion rate -- and a reduction of 30-day readmissions rates -- by over 50%.


Champio is a web app that lets companies source social media content from employees. Employees compete to share valuable moments or information on Champio, and then the company's marketer posts the best ones onto the brand's social media channels. The unique, timely, and relevant content drives follower engagement, which increases revenues. 


BookaLokal is a social dining marketplace where guests can browse and book home-cooked dinners, wine tastings, beer pairings, market tours and authentic food experiences hosted by locals in 46 countries.